Our Services

We currently offer the following Health Services. Please contact us with questions or to schedule a consultation.

Cervical Cancer Vaccine Counseling

Discussion of the medical rationale behind the cervical Cancer vaccine and age recommendations for receiving the vaccine.

Chlamydia/Gonorrhea Testing

We offer screening and treatment for:

 – Chlamydia

– Gonorrhea

– Hepatitis

– HIV Testing (following full counseling session by our Physician)

Contraceptive Options Counseling

Long Acting Reversible Contraceptive (LARC) Options Counseling:

 – Birth Control pills

– Intrauterine device (5 year & 10 year option)

– Depoprovera injection (3 month

– Nexplanon implant (in the arm)

Fertility Treatment Consultation

Fertility Treatment Consultation and Second Opinion

Male Factor Infertility Consultation

Evaluation, Diagnosis & Treatment for Male Factor Infertility:

– Order Semen Analysis (SA)

– Review Results of SA

– Discuss treatment for low sperm count

– Prescribe treatment for low sperm count

Menstrual Abnormalities

Evaluate, Diagnose and Treat:

– Absent Menses

– Heavy Menstrual bleeding

– Infrequent Menses

– Painful Menses

– Too frequent Menses

Obesity and Weight Loss Counseling

– Diet and exercise recommendations

– Medical weight loss treatment options

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)

Evaluate, Diagnose and Treat:

Infertility due to PCOS, Abnormal hair growth due to PCOS,Menstrual abnormalities due to PCOS,Insulin Resistance due to PCOS,Hair Loss due to PCOS,Weight Gain due to PCOS

Preconception Counseling and Planning

Pregnancy planning and counseling

Pregnancy Support & Counseling

 Recommendations on screening tests and vaccines during pregnancy

Recurrent Pregnancy Loss/Miscarriage

Evaluate, Diagnose and Recommend Treatment for:

– Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

– Recurrent Miscarriage

Reproductive Endocrine Irregularities

Evaluate, Diagnose and Recommend Treatment for Abnormalities of:

– Thyroid hormone function

– Prolactin hormone function

Safe Sex Counseling

Evaluation, Counseling and Treatment of:

– Sexually Transmitted Infection prevention

– Safe Sexual Practices

– Confidential Sexually Transmitted infection

– Testing

Treatment of Bacterial Vaginosis

We provide Evaluation and Treatment for symptomatic Bacterial Vaginosis.

Treatment of Herpes Outbreak

We provide Evaluation and Treatment for Herpes infections:

– Genital Herpes

– Oral Herpes

– Suppressive therapy

Uterine Fibroid

Evaluation and Treatment Recommendation for:

– Management of uterine fibroids

– Second opinion visits

Women’s Health Issues

General Women’s Health:

 Yeast Infections

Urinary tract Infection

Pregnancy Testing

Scheduling Pap smears

Scheduling Annual Gyn exams

Scheduling Mammograms

Scheduling non urgent Gyn ultrasounds