Should I Join a Fertility Support Group?

Many of my patients often ask me if they should join a fertility support group. And I always encourage them that if they are ready, they should!

Many people who struggle with infertility, PCOS, or recurrent pregnancy loss suffer in silence. Oftentimes, persons struggling with these conditions choose to not share their sentiments with their partner, family, and friends because they feel embarrassed and/or misunderstood. Consequently, the journey becomes a lonely one.

Regardless of where you are on your journey to becoming a parent, having a fertility support group can do wonders in making the process easier and less stressful. Here are some of the top reasons why I encourage you to join a fertility support group.

  1. They can provide validation to your feelings. They will be among the first ones to tell you that your internal turmoil, hopelessness, jealousy, and frustrations are valid. You don’t deserve to feel worthlessness and guilt for things you cannot control.
  2. They will make you feel less alone. Support groups offer a sense of community where members often share the same sentiments with you. While it is also important to avoid getting into an echo chamber or a space that only breeds negativity or discontentment, a group with the right balance and curated guidance from support specialists can be a major game-changer and a bright spot in your journey!
  3. They can serve as a lighthearted break from the sometimes heartbreaking reality of infertility. Having a support group can bring sunshine to your days. They will dignify you and help you regain lost confidence.
  4. You may form solid friendships outside of the group. Going through a rough journey together gives a shared understanding and many times, forges strong bonds. Thus, developing friendships outside of the group is inevitable.
  5. They are great resources for information sharing. An informed and well-curated support group can help debunk toxic misconceptions and misinformation inside and outside the community. Apart from spreading awareness, they also serve as healthy resources for healthy coping strategies.

Please share some of your favorite Fertility Support Groups & Advocates in the comments section… let’s get that train going by empowering each other through support!

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